Skip Hire Kent

Are you exploring Kent Skip Hire company to take better care of your surroundings? It’s great to have you. Managing waste is a problem, and people are actively looking for better solutions. At Skip Hire Kent, we have all kinds of skips for you, available to hire regardless of the size of your projects to keep you away from waste trouble. If you’re looking for skip hire to manage domestic, commercial or industrial waste, at Kent Skip, we take care of your needs and provide you with budget-friendly skip hire.

Cheap Skip Hire Kent

Kent Skips is an affordable yet a premium bounty for all our valuable customers. We have shot to fame for striking a balance between profit-making and customer comfort. Hiring skips were never about convenience, delight, affordability or change and ethics were far from. It is always about maximising profits. Here, we have a user-friendly consumer policy and believe in an equal and fair pricing scheme for our customers and us at all times. At Skip Hire Kent, we aim to provide a cost-effective yet high and unbeatable quality skip to assist you all the time and every time.


Kent Skips is an ideal choice for garbage clearance as it has been aiming from the beginning to support the white-collar sector.  Kent Skip Hire is a considerably, highly effective waste management that contributes to your healthy and green lifestyle. Instead of dumping garbage at landfill sites, our policy is to receive 100% of trash from your site efficiently to save you and your loved ones from environmental crises. Now, you chose us not just as any corporation because you contribute towards a healthy life and a green world. 

£20 Discount Instantly

Kent Skip Hire is going up the ladder because we amazingly carry out an economical, universal pricing strategy, giving £20 of discounts to all its customers instantly and set standards for its authentic service.

Always on Time

We make best possible efforts to ensure on-time pick-up and drop-off. Our primary purpose is to provide a trouble-free, always on-time delivery of waste disposal tools. We keep our schedules regulated and believe in fast delivery.

24/7 Availability

We are always within reach of our customers to answer all kinds of queries regardless of the office hours. You can book your skip or call for any further demands following your desired estimation of a skip hire Kent 24/7.

Our Top Rated Services

Homeowners, builders and tradespeople use our services because we provide more convenient and excellent management services. Whether for trash removal, home improvements or renovations, Kent Skips stands on top for its courteous services.

Mini Skip Hire Kent

Kent Skip Hire is the best mini skip provider for always looking out for its customers and offering prices actively differing to commercial rates. We want our customers to avail a cost-efficient experience aligned with high-quality services. Whether for refurbishment projects, garden waste or bathroom renovations, mini skips are an ideal choice to manage small amounts of waste. We have a 2-yard mini skip, our little gift for all our consumers. It can easily carry 20 to 30 black bags of garbage. We have a 3-yard mini skip hire as well, and it is the ultimate attraction for most of our customers and the regional city. Mini skip hires Kent is no hassle, no sending garbage in a van and no taking of trash to a far away neighbour alley. Just hire a mini skip, and the rest of your problem will solve.

If you think what you need is an easy-to-use litter removal tool, then quickly hire a 2-yard or 3-yard mini skip for your place. Make your decision and live a zero-waste life with Kent’s handy mini skips.

Midi Skip Hire Kent

Suitable for domestic purposes and regulated with the best quality available, midi skip is well-managed and can hold up to 40to 60 black bags at a moment’s notice. A mini skip hire accommodates lesser space than a midi skip. Kent midi skip has potentially 4-yard, and 5-yard skips and is greatly useful for your home improvement projects or moderate range construction works. 

Our midi skip has a lower-back built to support wheelbarrow assistance. A midi skip is a standard skip of Kent Skips to help you manage slightly larger amounts of domestic waste and handle garden maintenance in the easiest way possible. Our midi skip provides maximum ease of access and space to all our worthy customers. If you are trying to hire a skip that is perfect for small scale maintenance works, then you need to get yourself Kent’s midi skips.

Builder Skip Hire Kent

In comparison to midi skips, we have Builders skip a professional body that raises voluminous loads of heaps. Kent’s builder skips are 6 to 8-yards, carrying up to 60 to 90 black bags effortlessly. It is reasonably large in volume and exceedingly spacious, making it an exceptional choice for construction works but far away from daily commodities at home. Builder skips or Volcker skips are classified into two types, such as a small 6-yard builder’s skip and a large 8-yard builder’s skip and extend up to 10 feet. If you need a skip that supports significant construction sectors and massive projects, you might want to hire a builder skip. For homeowners, our builder skips can easily manage construction trash. 

It’s your call now to make a choice better than making a mistake.

Maxi Skip Hire Kent

A maxi skip is our executive skip available to hire for massive works. Generally, it is more convenient for bulky clearance or full-house cleanups. A maxi skip category varies in sizes and easily transfers 100 to 200 black bags, depending on your requirement of a maxi skip size. Twice in size and quality, the maxi is a handy disposing tool for inert waste. 

We have a 10-yard maxi skip as a carrier of enormous trash. We have 12, 14, 16, and 18-yard skips to suit your needs and clear the place for you with our on-time delivery service. 

If you require a larger maxi skip, we also have an 18-yard skip to make the transition of black bags much easier for you. Our customers are unable to gauge or measure the amount of waste at their sites. Due to this very reason, you can simply get rid of all the trash by hiring Kent Skip Hire.

Get rid of commercial refits or clear out large household waste, with a maxi skip, stop worrying and start living.

RORO Skip Hire Kent

Skip Hire Kent provides Roll-on and Roll-off containers, in addition to various skip sizes as well. These skips are commonly known as RORO skips. At Kent Skip Hire, it is a superb model for the demolition or ransacking waste. We provide for your unique needs along with specific commodity options. A massive variety of RORO skips, such as 20, 25, 30, and giant-sized 40-yard skip is available at Kent Skip Hire stock. You can throw from 230-450 black bin bags of trash into the RORO skips. 

Our 40-yard skip can carry out extravagant waste that produces larger bodies of waste. Most of the time, you are unable to handle enormous amounts of trash there, and then you must contact Skip Hire Kent to remove garbage and contribute to a clean and green world which is at the verge of global warming. So, if you have tonnes of waste, especially at your industrial site, then these giant-sized skips can relief you from facing any hassle while handling your heaps of garbage. We assure you that our Roll-on Roll-off skips are more significant in size and quality.

Our Happy Clients

Mathew Cain
Skip Hire Kent is so good. I had been getting my home renovated for my sister's wedding. I had a problem with disposing of massive waste, but they took care of it right away.
Jenna Drew
We’d like to thank you for using our hiring service for the past year 2020 and hope we’ve helped you manage your waste and benefit our environment. We appreciate your trust in Skip Hire Kent. We look forward to keeping you throughout the years. Thanks. Skip Hire Kent
Alex Jones
If you are looking for a quality skip hire in Kent, you need to check out Skip Hire Kent. I was looking for near to me skip services for my garden work, and I had almost given up. I clicked on their website just to see what services they had, and they were the genuine people of all! They helped me continue my work, and I got a minimal amount to pay, and they even offered a 20% discount.